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China is the land of commercial opportunities, and Genertec Italia shows to the Italian partners how to pick them up. We have been supporting our clients for the last thirty years, by following them all along the path to reach the vast Asian market, by helping them under all aspects in completing this emotional journey thanks to both our Italian and Chinese staff's organization, experience and authority. We want our commercial partners to be able to unveil the business opportunities existing in the Chinese market with the utmost tranquillity, protected by a strong consolidated reality, so that they can attain the results they want through reliable, direct and profitable agreements.

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China Awards to Blue Engineering and Italian Cooperatives Trade

December 04th,2017

At the 2017 edition of the China Awards of Fondazione Italia Cina, key partners of Genertec Italia have been awarded: Blue engineering, the company that this year has been invested […]

Zhu Zhenmin, GM of Genertec Italia, being interviewed on the Blue Engineering deal

April 28th,2017

Zhu Zhenmin interviewed by Fondazione Italia Cina on the Blue Engineering deal and on the role of Genertec Italia.

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